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Training & Job Placement

SAR-INFOTECH offers TRAINING and JOB PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES to candidates who are eligible for Free Orientation. It’s a great chance for those with OPT/CPT/L2/EAD/GC/CITIZEN status to enhance their skills and secure employment.

The following services are provided by SAR-INFOTECH to help candidates enhance their skills and secure employment:

  • Assessment through a Course Test and Assignments
  • Issuance of a Course Completion Certificate
  • Feedback from Faculty
  • Opportunity for candidates to provide Student Feedback on the Classes
  • Assistance with preparing a Resume and Marketing it to potential employers
  • Conduct of Mock Interviews to prepare candidates for the job search process
  • Provision of On-Project Support
  • Assistance with H1B Processing
  • Immediate assistance with Green Card Processing

Candidates will have the opportunity to participate in Mock Interviews to help them prepare for the job search process. They will also receive On-Project Support, as well as assistance with H1B and Green Card Processing, available immediately.

SAR-INFOTECH is looking for Full-Time/Part-Time Recruiters!

Contact us immediately to schedule an Interview.